I was born in Dublin Ireland and left there in the late nineties.

At the time Dublin was a very poor town, this was before the

economic boom. My career officer in school showed us how to sign on to the dole and gave us a number to ring in London where we could get a job on a building site labouring, following countless thousands before us who were forced to emigrate.

Options were pretty thin on the ground. When my band split up, I felt there was nothing left for me in Ireland, so I grabbed my guitar, stuck my thumb out and hit the road. The next fifteen years were spent traveling and gigging around the planet.

“You can hear every mile travelled by Gallie on his adventurous journey to making The Occoquan River… it is a beautiful piece of work, that takes you on Gallie's literary journey and wraps you in the emotional truth of his music.”
                                                                      Fiachna O'Braonain, Late Date, RTE Radio 1,